The National Auto Loan Network was founded by a group of finance professionals with over 40 years of experience who shared a vision of finding a way to take the mystery out of obtaining financing to either purchase a vehicle or refinance their auto loan.

In the last ten years consumers have experienced many economic challenges but through it all NALN has been committed to a process that you can trust. Our vision is to provide consumers with the confidence in knowing that they will receive a financing process that is second to none.

Thank you for being a part of our vision which is based on:

  • A commitment to excellence, innovation and integrity
  • A commitment to a seamless way to purchase or refinance an automobile
  • A commitment to improving the life of individuals within our company with the opportunity for continual growth and advancement

Loan Officer of the Month: May 2020

Adan Ruiz
NALN congratulates Adan Ruiz as Loan Officer of the Month for May, 2020. Let Adan save you money on your auto loan with a simple refinance from NALN. Email top loan officer Adan at, or Call Adan Direct at: 949-617-5464.

Support Persons of the Month: May 2020

Jacob Nunez

Janet Balbuena


Keith Stepter

Director of Consumer Lending

Heidi Tappe

Senior Lending Manager

Teresa Cutright

HR Director

Kim Feely

Production / Funding Manager


Emily Lopez

Lien Manager

Cesar Rubio

Lending Manager

Our Executive Team

Eddie Nevarez

Vice-President of Compliance and Operations

Clancey Marek


Marco J. Rasic

President / CEO